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 *Lash Aesthetic Face And Body at Happy Feet - Glendale - Los Angeles | STUDIO SALON: 406 East Broadway Room 1 at Happy Feet, Glendale CA 91205 

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Monday-Sunday: 7 AM - 12 MIDNIGHT
(Same day appointments are very difficult to get. Please plan ahead)

1) Booking online or
2) Text/SMS is the fastest way to get a response. While our lash stylists are in session they may not be able to get to the phone. If you call and go into voicemail, please leave your name, telephone number and message clearly. If you email us it could take up to 48 hours to get a reply.

TEXT/SMS: 323-250-3337
*406 East Broadway Room 1 inside Happy Feet, 
Glendale CA 91205



(Appointment time includes cleaning, priming and installing lashes)

Arriving late will shorten your appointment time and result in less lashes being applied

*Fullset $__ (2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours) - 85 to 130 lashes up

*Refill $__  (1 hour 30 mins) 40 to 50 lashes up

*Plan on having eyelash extensions for the rest of your life (or at least for a period of time)? You should buy a series and save some money.

Series are non-refundable
3 Fills $__  (save 8%)
6 Fills $__  (save 12%)
12 Fills $__  (save 16%)


To Book an appointment with Lash Aesthetic Face & Body, TEXT/SMS us at: 323-250-3337

You may also call us, but please leave a voice mail with your name, telephone number, and message.
Please speak clearly and repeat your name and mumber twice.
You may also email, but maybe a delay of 24-48 hours in response time.

If you do not hear from us, there may have been some kind of internet/carrier problem. Please try again using one of the methods above. Or all three to be certain.

SCHEDULING ALLOWANCES: Please always inform Lash Aesthetic if you require more time than your usual fill or full set. Adequate time is needed beforehand to make sure that the correct amount of time is alloted for your session. Examples: If you need makeup removed, complete lash removal, corrections, etc.

ARRIVAL TIME: If your appointment is 11 AM, the earliest you can arrive is 10:45 AM the door might not be open until 10:55 AM. Please wait in the parking or waiting area (whichever is available) until your session time. If you are parked in the waiting area, move your car to the assigned parking spot as soon as it is free.

TARDINESS/BEING LATE TO THE SESSION: Be sure and always communicate with your stylist to check if your session is still valid if you are going to be late. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late, your session is considered canceled.

RESCHEDULING/CANCELLATIONS: Always try to reschedule or cancel 48 hours before your appointment time. Although Lash Aesthetic doesn't apply draconi9an measures. such as cancellation fees, please be considerate and abide by the 48 hour rule. If frequent rescheduling and cancellations occur without good reason, Lash Aesthetic reserves the right to decline further booking.
NOTE: If you know you are falling sick and your appointment is the next day, please contact Lash Aesthetic to cancel and reschedule for another time. Do not wait to cancel on the same day, as this will be considered cancellation withouth proper notice.

*406 East Broadway Room 1 inside Happy Feet, 
Glendale CA 91205

Jackson Street and Kenwood Street 

If you are coming from the 2 Glendale Freeway
Take Colorado Blvd
Turn left, keep straight
Then turn right on Jackson Street
Left on East Broadway

Lash Aesthetic Face & Body
406 East Broadway Room 1 inside Happy Feet, 
Glendale CA 91205

(By appointment only. No walk-ins)

7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am
7:00 am - 9:30 am & 
8:30 pm - 12:00 am

You may park either inside private lot building of "416 Future Resident/Retail Parking"  for FREE or anywhere along the street on Broadway. 

There's plenty of FREE parking inside the building of "416 Future Resident/Retail Parking" on Jackson Street and East Broadway 

The entrance door to "Lash Aesthetic Face & Body 406 East Broadway Room 1 inside Happy Feet, 
Glendale CA 91205

406 East Broadway Room 1 inside Happy Feet, 
Glendale CA 91205

Wells Fargo ATM
112 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA

Glendale Federal Credit Union
500 E Wilson Ave
Glendale, CA

Wells Fargo Bank
Glendale Fashion Center
611 E Wilson Ave
Glendale, CA

Lash Aesthetic Face & Body is a boutique that offers you a private, personalized service in an intimate and relaxing setting. Each location has only one skilled technician so you always know who will be working on your services. We have the most flexible hours in the industry. 


Our philosophy is simple. Focus and be the best at it. Give us a call or booking online, and let us give you the best permanent makeup lashes services in town. lashes aesthetic face and body permanent makeup style. 

We use AAA grade custom synthetic/faux mink lashes that are super soft and almost weightless. Lash Aesthetic Face & Body utilizes state of the art surgical grade tools, triple sterilization/sanitation, climate controlled environment, and medical grade glue. We practice full disclosure of all product ingredients, procedures and methods.

The spaces are a charming hideway, bringing you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate your senses. Parking is hassle free and convenient.

Providing unparalled comfort with luxury aromatherapy, and tranquil music, combined with the best skills, artistry and professionalism available in the industry contact us for all your lash & services needs!

Late/Tardy Policy
* If you are late, you lose your time on the session although your lash stylist will make her best attempt to apply as many lashes as possible with the remaining time left. Understand that your lash stylist cannot extend your time as there may be other clients coming right after your session and it is unfair to make the next client wait.
* If you are late more than 30 minutes, your session will be considered as cancelled. You may have to reschedule.

Cancellation Policy
* If you cancel without a good reason MORE THAN TWICE, your session is non-refundable and your lash stylist has the right to refuse service.
* If you contact your lash stylist and let her know the reason of cancellation within 24-48 hours, your have a ONE TIME WAIVER for a valid reason and you may reschedule your appointment. Lash Aeshtetic Face & Body understands that there may be unforseen circumstance that may occur occasionally and will assist with rescheduling.

* If you NO SHOW without a valid reason, Lash Aesthetic has the right to refuse service and you will NOT be able to book any services with Lash Aesthetic in the future.

* If you prepaid to a promotional deal such as internet deals ... you will have to go directly to them in order to obtain a refund for unused packages, as they are the ones holding the funds.
* If you prepaid directly to Lash Aesthetic and would like a refund for unused packages or monies, please email with your name, telephone number, details of your package, and any other relevant information. Your money will be refunded to you within two weeks via check or Paypal at the your request. There are no refunds for used services or packages

Due to the special/reduced pricing:
* For no-shows, the session is entirely forefitted (no refunds)
* If you are late by over 30 minutes, the session is considered canceled and forefeited.
* Deals are a one-time purchase for new clients only. Existing clients may not continue to purchase internet deals for future sessions.

Open Monday - Sunday 7 am to 12 am (midnight).
* First come, first serve booking. Same day appointments are difficult to get.
* If you have an important event to attend, please book well ahead of time. We are unable to cancel another client's appointment just to fit you in, even if it is for lash removal due to allergic reaction.
* If we are completely booked and your removal is urgent, we may have you come in before or after our regular business hours.


To maximize your sessions ...

* Remove all contact lenses (you may bring your contact lense case and solution and put it back on right after your session).
* Remove all eye makeup around the eyes and lashes (eye makeup removal will eat into your session time).
* Find out where LASH AESTHETIC FACE & BODY is located and give adequate travel time.


* Keep your lashes away from water, heat, steam or oil for at least 48 hours to allow lash glue to bond well. (This includes water or oil base makeup). If you have to shower, keep water below the necklevel and use warm to cold water to prevent lash exposure to steam.

* Comb your lashes gently twice per day (once AM, once PM) to prevent it from tangling. Ask you lash stylist to show you how, during your first session.

* Change the method you use to clean off your makeup and wash your face.

  A) Use lint free microfiber brushes/lip gloss applicators 
  B) Dip sponge wedges in water based makeup remover and use the sharp corners of the wedge to clean around the eyes, lids and around the lashes. You can get triangle shaped sponge wedges from any cosmetics counter. (Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.)
  C) Alternatively you may use water based makeup remover (wet wipes) to clean makeup of the face and around the eyes.
  D) While washing your face, avoid scrubbing the eyes and eyelashes directly. Clean around them. You may splash water on your face and eye, but gently pat them dry instead of rubbing them. If your eyelashes are still wet, use a blow dryer to dry them, then use a mascara wand to gently comb it into place. Your lash stylist should have shown you how to use it after the initial session. If not ask her to show you how.
  E) Never use cotton buds or balls to calm around your eyes! Lint will get stuck on your lashes!


You will be lying down on your back the entire session.

Keep your eyes closed throughout the session and do not open your eyes until your lash styslist asks you to. Opening the eyes before the glue is dry may caouse unnecessay eye tearing. The lash glue contains mild fumes and those fumes can sting before it dries.

You may experience a mild stinging and eye watering/tearing which is normal if it is your first time. Most clients comment that their eyes hardly water after their second session because they get used to the sensation.

Do not make sudden movements as there are sharp tweezers closeby to your eyes. Always ask your lash stylist if you could take a toilet break, stretch or move to grab your phone and with till your lash stylist gives you the OK before you do it.

Require clients to enter your name, email, phone, date, and time comments of services box below SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT! 

Otherwise your appointment will be cancelled if not provided.

(All cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to an appointment will be considered a “No Show”.)


Eyelash Extensions:
full sets

Permanent Makeup:
permanent makeup eyebrows
permanent lip liner
permanent lip color
tattoo eyeliner
3d eyebrow tattoo

Beauty and art is our passion! Bridal lashes artist, permanent makeup and services we specialize in beauty, Old Hollywood Glamour and Boudoir for all occasions.


Permanent makeup is the procedure of tattooing color onto one’s brows, eyelids or lips to give the appearance. of wearing makeup and eliminate the maintenance of daily application. We use the best and safest pigments on the market. Providing a natural enhancement that you will love for years.

Your initial consulation is free and recommended so that we may answer any questions you have before your procedure. Permanent makeup is meant to enhance your look and provide a lower-maintenance lifestyle. 


All first-time procedures include one free touch-up to be scheduled no later than 3 months from original procedure.

• Consultation Free: Brows-Lips-Eyes
• Upper Liner/Lash Enhancement 
• Lower Liner/Lash Enhancement 
• Upper & Lower Liner/Lash Enhancement 
(for a thicker eyeliner on any of the above)
• Eyebrows
• Lip Liner 
• Full Lips (entire lip area in one color) 
• Full Lips & Lip Liner (includes a different color liner)
• Beauty Mark 

*A credit card will be required to schedule and hold your permanent makeup appointment(s). We require a 24 hour cancellation notice, otherwise 50% of the scheduled services cost will be applied to your card.


Lash Aesthetic Face And Body, Rosemead CA

(323) 250-3337

STUDIO SALON - Glendale:
*406 East Broadway Room 1 at Happy Feet, Glendale CA 91205


(Customer's testimonial or review) "I checked out your services recently, and wasn't disappointed!"

- Linzee